Why Us
Company Background

Since 2000, leading of mdm Ong has lead us to the right path on provided fashionable and trendy curtains and textiles catering to fit the needs of any consumers. She lead us with her enthusiasm and creative ideas brought us much earned loyalty and patronage from customers.

Today Ria is a leader among curtain makers and well known for excellent and reliable services; we expanded our service to online store namely WCurtain and offered excellence quality fabric and the guarantee satisfaction workman- ship (In-house maker).   With well trained advisory board and by employing constant improvements has surpassed much of our completion offering a wide array of products and brands and proved that obstacles are just stepping stones.

You can shop for your home in the comfort of your home using our easy to navigate online site. Please visit our newly launched online site to choose the fabric, design for decorate your home or office. You will find something within your price range that fits your style and needs. Drop a massage to us now! SMS/ Whatapps : 012-3300335

Client Value Proposition

As a one-stop centre for stylish curtains and textile products. WCurtain focuses on what matters --quality workmanship, superior design, and customer satisfaction. Our goal is to complement and meet your wants and needs.

With the new online site you can save time and manage everything with just a few clicks. Our consultant can assist you with your decorating needs with her team of advisors and keep the cost within your budget.

Why Us?

Industry Experience

Since 2000, we has been passionate about meeting the home curtain needs of our clients with high quality textiles and curtains with reasonable price. We do installed in various type of houses as well as new development. We provided service for railing, curtain design and installation for house-hold and commercial used, mall decoration, etc.

Vision Statement

We committed to provide you with the personalized service and take care of your interior design needs in person.

Mission Statement
  • Provide excellent quality service at an affordable price
  • Facilitates a long term customer/business relationship
  • Quickly cater to their customers' needs responding to their demands
  • Continuously enhance services always striving to add more products
  • Meet each customer's needs satisfactorily
  • Maintain a close knit relationship remaining in contact
At WCurtain store the focus is always their client's satisfaction's at an affordable price and quality textiles. Our reliably trained professionals are always on hand to assist you with the right choices while choosing among many different products. We will give you the benefit of their years of expertise, creativity, innovation and knowledge of their large array of products and realizing how we can perfect the space. We are experts at finding the perfect match for your needs.

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